Hi guys, my name is Oreoluwa and I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now as a vlog but pending that time, welcome to my blog series; pregnancy and beyond.

During my pregnancy, one of the changes that occurred that I really appreciated was my ability to hold memories. I could read a lot of things and still remember and it’s a big deal because pregnancy brain is an actual thing. Oh my bad, topic for another day.
Anyway, my blog is dedicated to new mums and to be new mums. I’ll be sharing facts only based on my experiences, that of friends (I have too many mummy friends, it’s fascinating), antenatal classes and based on research proven facts only. Yes, I’ve earned the name Dr Google from friends because I know how to effectively Google, what to Google and when to Google.

I would also advice that you always listen to what your doctors have to say. Pregnancy is a very delicate period and hear says are very dangerous. Any advice you get, confirm from a good doctor first. Infact, make sure you get up to 3 or more opinions from professionals in the field before making a decision.

I’ll also make sure I address popular advices people give pregnant women. Especially the dangerous ones and their possible effect. Also note that pregnancy is different for everyone and you might not share same symptoms with someone else.

I hope you find my blog worth your while, entertaining and educative enough. So hope on and I look forward to sharing so much knowledge with you guys weekly.

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